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Consulting and construction innovations



Development / Management of Construction Facilities

Capital Investment

MALET supervises its subsidiaries’ activity in Russia, Latvia and Kazakhstan.

The company assists the Russian group of companies in conclusion of contracts with foreign companies.

Among the priority activities of the company is looking for attractive facilities and development of new project concepts, vectors and activities based on diversification principles.

For establishing mutually beneficial relationship MALET renders consulting services for foreign companies on doing business in Russia, Latvia and Kazakhstan.

In particular cases MALET assists the Russian group of companies in financial and legal affairs.

MALET to a high standard deals with arrangement and implementation of development projects and programs, including a full range of issues on management of construction facilities.

The company renders professional consulting services on the strategy of real estate development strategies and its smart application in investment programs of development, reconstruction and modernization of facilities.

Currently MALET works on the development of a concept of luxury property construction in Great Britain, Latvia and Italy.

The projects of countryside real estate, spa-hotels, business centers, premises and facilities are being implemented.

MALET is active in investing funds in new projects based on the investment policy principles ensuring a steady increase of shareholder value.

The company investment policy is based on adoption of investment solutions based, first of all, on TSRs, as well as on intelligible and well-balanced KPIs.